So Why is Your Resume So Important?

Many job candidates approach job hunting as a chore. They fire off letters and resumes without properly checking the qualifications of the position, the selection criteria that must be addressed, or even if their documents make grammatical sense. In short, they show scant regard for the core principles of the company they applying to, or for themselves. And more often than not, they do not get any response. So just why is your resume so important?

resumes job applicationExperienced hirers, when faced with a huge response to a job advertisement, are adept at quickly filtering out the applications that just do not address the values of the company and show little faith in the writer of their own skills and experience. In a matter of an hour, 500 applications can be whittled down to half-a-dozen. Those half dozen have done everything right. And it is all to do with their application documents, and how they have presented them.

So how do you make sure you are on that shortlist?
By far the simplest solution is to contact the experienced team at Select Resumes and allow us to take the reins of your job hunting or specific position application. Not only do we have highly-skilled resume writers, editors and graphic designers on staff, but our team include human resource professionals who have an incredible amount of experience sorting quality job allocations from those who are simply “having a go”.

cover letter ideasOnce you have commissioned us, we will get straight to work tailoring your cover letter, resume and, if you are
targeting a specific position, your key selection criteria document or job statement. We will spend time on a thorough consultation to build up a clear picture of your professional profile, your goals and your key strengths and achievements.

Then we get to work on producing your documents, each complementing the other and structuring a visually compelling, literate and congruent summation of your professional profile combined with your eminent suitability for the role being applied for.

The entire ethos of Select Resumes is to get our clients in front of the interview panel. We have proven track record in achieving that, so do not leave your career to chance. We know what the hirers are looking for and we will make sure they find it in your resume. Call us today for an informal chat.