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Project Description: Professional Resume

Once an employer is captivated by the look of your new resume, no doubt they will be enticed to read it, increasing the chance of you gaining an interview. This design and layout was created to target the marketing and/or media sector. Any potential employer in this line of work is sure to be highly impressed by the clean and eye catching design.

Project Description: Executive Resumes

Select Resumes produces resumes for candidates at all levels, from entry level or graduate, through to Senior Executives on 6 figure incomes. Creating an executive resume involves a thorough process and often requires revisions and reviews at the discretion of the client. These revisions, to ‘polish’ the final product are provided at no extra cost. There is no better way to show your next employer what you will bring to their table, than with a professionally developed resume by Select Resumes expert team.

Specialist Resume Style: Functional Resume

This client was looking to change career path, so in consultation with the client it was decided a ‘functional’ or non-chronological resume was best suited to her needs. This resume features compelling design relevant to her new chosen field. A ‘functional resume’ brings your most relevant experience to the forefront without listing the dates or times you held these positions. Perfect for a career change or a return to work parent this resume had instant result, which was communicated back to us in a lovely email from the client.

Project Description:

At Select Resumes we believe big bold and beautiful is best. For the more conservative employers, however, we understand that a more simple approach is sometimes more appropriate. Upon request you will receive a simple version of your resume at no extra cost.

Project Description:

This professional design is targeting project management or site administration opportunities.  Not only is the layout individually designed for your target audience, it is also the style of writing and format that is written specifically for your individual circumstances.  Note the ‘Referee Excerpts’ used in this resume, at a glance it clearly points out your strong work characteristics.

Project Description:

This resume was designed for a specific position within the construction industry. With a running theme throughout the resume, this resume received high praise from both the candidate and their associates. If your goal is to leave a lasting impression on an employer, having your resume professionally produced by the Select Resumes team will help you achieve your goals.

Project Description: Project Officer Resume

Designed for administration and project officer roles, this resume has a creative elegance whilst maintaining a corporate feel. This resume received high praise and is now something that the candidate, like all Select Resumes clients, is extremely proud of. With the help of Select Resumes exclusive Graphic Artist you can also have an input into your preferred style and colour scheme.

Project Description:

This example shows a resume designed for the mining sector. You may be looking at a change of company within your chosen field of expertise. With our expert Graphic Artist and experienced Consultants Select Resumes will put you ahead of the pack and make you clearly stand out from your peers. Employers are left with an easy decision as to who they will interview first!

General Design:

Admin, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service. This resume was originally done for a gentleman in the hotels industry.

Boiler Maker Resume Design:

We can do any type of trade design you can think of. The benefit of using a professional graphic artist is that the only limitation is your imagination.

Specialist Resume Design:

Underwater Remote Vehicle Pilot, this resume received amazing feedback from the client and was successful straight away.

Call Center Resume Design: This candidate was known as the subject matter expert in his field, all day he answered questions and supported his fellow team members, what a perfect way to display his professional characteristics.

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