We’re Going to Make You a STAR!

Your resume serves one purpose and one purpose only – to get you ahead of the pack and in front of a recruiter at an interview. Resumes tend to follow a predictable pattern – the candidate’s details, a short list of personal strengths, a list of qualifications, a rundown of the work history, some referees and that is it, job done. But most likely, job not won. Why? One reason could be you didn’t adhere to the STAR format.

STAR formatWhat is the STAR format? Well, your well-written resume performs many functions. It shows the recruiter you are qualified for the job and that you understand and appreciate the ethos of the company you are applying for and the needs of the position. Yes, it shows your key strengths, and yes, your work history. But STAR give you the edge that will make the hirer sit and up take notice. 

Situation, Task, Action, Result – it is a simple acronym that unlocks the key to a successful resume. Using the STAR system is like peppering your resume with short, informative stories, tailored to the position being applied for, about you and the key achievements in your career.

The SITUATION is your work environment, your department, the work you do and will then focus on a particular aspect of your role – the TASK – you were faced with that has congruency with the role you are applying for. The ACTION is the sequence of duties you undertook to meet the requirements of the task, and the RESULT is the tangible, measurable result of the actions – money saved, sales increased, productivity raised.

These stories give your resume its beating heart; it showcases you as an individual, not just a list of qualifications and jobs. More importantly they get you shortlisted for interview.

At Select Resumes we are all about making our clients into stars, and we use the STAR format strategically and effectively, which is why we are the number one resume writing company. So, if you want to stop being a supporting player in your own career and show off your star potential, call us today for an informal chat, we would love to hear from you!