There are demands for skilled workers and experienced supervisors to help build the next stage of our expanding infrastructure. The opportunities and lifestyle that come with these positions are highly desirable.

In this changing economy, job security is a must so securing a position within a stable company is what everyone wants. It is getting harder and harder to rely on simple word of mouth to secure a new position as there are so many people in the same boat.

Many employers feel that the effort of your resume reflects the effort you will put in on the job. To stand a real chance with these enviable positions choose Select Resumes, we guarantee your resume will impress and your application will be taken seriously.

A great place to start when considering our blue coller (trade) resume service is our writer profiles to find the ideal writer for you.

Important facts about a successful trade based resume…

  • In the current economic climate employers get more applications for each job so an effective resume is essential to ensure you are considered for roles
  • Most managers make a decision about your resume in 30 seconds or less
  • Successful resumes must comply with specific format and content rule.
  • The first impression employers have about you is made by your resume
  • The number one purpose of your resume is to get you job interviews